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KATHREIN-Werke (KG) is one of the largest antenna manufacturers in the world. An innovator in communication technology, KATHREIN is at the forefront of design and development. Its product portfolio presents a wide range of antenna systems and signal processing products. KATHREIN has an extensive product range that covers satellite and terrestrial antenna systems, broadband communication systems, mobile communication base station antennas, filter products, automotive systems and RFID systems.

Mobile communication antennas for indoor, ground-to-air, bus and railway communications

KATHREIN covers the complete range from 25MHz to more than 6,000MHz, with all kinds of antennas tailored to meet individual requirements. KATHREIN offers antennas for indoor, ground-to-air, GSM / CDMA / UMTS / LTE / WiMAX, bus and railway communications. KATHREIN products are well-known for their excellent electrical and mechanical specifications, as well as their long-lasting reliability.

LTE, WiMAX and 4G network antennas

KATHREIN has developed an extensive and advanced range of LTE / WiMAX antennas in different frequencies. Its portfolio also covers side-by-side constructions suitable for site-sharing and future technologies, such as 2x2 or 4x4 MIMO, one of the key technologies for 4G networks.

Ultra-broadband antennas

KATHREIN's ultra-broadband antennas work from 1,710MHz to 2,700MHz, which makes them suitable for GSM1800, GSM1900, CDMA2000, UMTS2100 and of course LTE2.6. For operators this wide frequency range means a significant reduction of antennas per site.

Multi-band antennas

KATHREIN's multi-band antennas can further reduce the number of antennas required by operating at multiple frequency bands. Dual, triple and brand new quad-band antennas with different combinations of lowbands and highbands are available. Of course, every single band is set by its own electrical down tilt system.

Remote electrical tilt system

UMTS/LTE cells alter in size according to the transmitted data and the number of users. The remove electrical tilt (RET) system allows control locally or by an operational maintenance centre to enhance coverage adjustment to suit different requirements, such as reducing pilot pollution areas or optimising hand-over territories. The RET system works with the AISG / 3GPP standard.

Tower mounted amplifier

KATHREIN's tower mounted amplifiers (TMA / MHA) minimise initial investments and speed up roll-out as fewer sites are needed and greater flexibility regarding site locations is achieved. The use of TMAs leads to enhanced coverage, improved voice quality, fewer dropped calls and an increase in revenue. Many different types for various applications are available.

Co-siting filter and combiner solutions

KATHREIN offers a wide range of co-siting filter and combiner solutions for LTE 800, GSM / UMTS 900, GSM 1800 / 1900, UMTS2100 and WLAN / WiMAX / LTE. KATHREIN's multi-band combiners enable feeder- sharing, which saves installation time and reduces infrastructure costs. They also feature excellent electrical specifications such as low-loss plus optimum performance for indoor and outdoor use.

Smart feeder sharing

With its new SmartPlex® combiner lowband and highband signals and also different protocols can be combined. Different AISG versions as well as CWA and even vendor specific protocols are combined on two feeder lines. This way, old installations can be used together with new systems on existing feeder lines.

Broadcast antennas for digital TV

KATHREIN’s great variety of top-quality products for almost every kind of broadcast transmitting system is well known. Various components are available for all frequency ranges and for transmitter powers from 100W up to 200kW. Customers benefit from a long lifespan with low maintenance needs. KATHREIN's antennas cope with all environmental conditions, feature especially protected feeder points and provide full bandwidth operation.

Broadband communication systems

a long lifespan with low maintenance needs. KATHREIN's antennas cope with all environmental conditions, feature especially protected feeder points and provide full bandwidth operation.

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