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BT Cables provides cables and accessories for the telecommunications, infrastructure, building, industrial and rail industries.

Copper and optical fibre cables for the telecoms industry

BT Cables has a cable cutting facility that can process copper cables from two pairs to up to 4,800 pairs, as well as optical fibre cables.

The facility handles an average of 250 customer orders a day and can boost order handling to up to 400 per day, which is an increase of 60%.

Large cable drum storage

The company's warehouse and distribution facility offers large cable drum storage and features unique location identification. In Manchester, BT Cables has 3,000 pallet locations and an additional 3,000 at BT supply chain locations.

BT Cables also has access to 40 contingency cable sites across the UK and 50 warehouses in 22 countries worldwide.

The Manchester-based operation includes its own materials and transmission testing laboratories, and conducts on-site materials recycling.

BT Cables specialises in security of supply from raw materials to finished goods. Partnerships are used to add value through engineering initiatives, as well as offering better pricing and cost benefits.

Manufacture and sourcing of telecom cables

BT Cables has extensive experience in manufacturing and sourcing cables and a strong record of growth, innovation and technological development.

The company has expansion initiatives to drive growth across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Europe to provide the best product and service offerings to the communications industry.

BT Cables offers:

  • A reliable supply of cables at competitive prices
  • The support and backing of BT Group
  • Extensive experience in cable-handling and logistics
  • Cable manufacturing expertise
  • Optimised costs across the supply chain
  • A comprehensive business continuity plan

About BT Cables

BT Cables is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Group. The company supplies a range of cables and accessories worldwide from its manufacturing base in the UK and commercial operations in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

BT Cables' manufacturing output has increased by 13% year on year, while total capacity usage on current product sets is still only 58%.

The company is planning to invest in new machinery to enhance its products into quad construction cables suitable for European markets.

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