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Spinner products

SPINNER is one of the largest manufacturers of RF components for mobile communication networks and broadcasting sites. We can supply coaxial connectors and adaptors, coaxial cable assemblies, low-intermodulation jumper cables and surge protectors.

Coaxial connectors and measuring devices

Our current product range includes coaxial connectors from 3.5mm through 230mm (SMA through 9in and the respective coupling elements). The main applications are mobile communication, broadcasting and radio links as well as radar and medical technology. Our connector series complies with the applicable DIN, CECC or IEC standards.

Our range of coaxial measuring devices includes all coaxial loads from 2W through to 50,000W, such as bridge resistors or power absorbers with convection or water cooling. In addition, you will find symmetrical and asymmetrical dry attenuators (5W through 2,000W) as well as directional couplers and filters.

Coaxial cable assemblies

SPINNER specialises in producing coaxial cable assemblies. We offer our customers a broad range of ready-for-use cable assemblies at favourable prices. Our product range includes cables of all sizes with various connector types that can also be made to customer-specifications at short notice. Besides mechanical requirements, the specifications can also include high-frequency related parameters such as reflection factor, insertion loss, electrical length, etc.

Jumper cables

SPINNER has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing low-intermodulation jumper cables. Special connectors and soldered conductors guarantee superior loss and outstanding long-term intermodulation performance even under adverse environmental conditions. All jumpers are automatically tested by highly sensitive measurement equipment to ensure SPINNER delivers the finest products on the market.

Surge protectors

For Tetra systems SPINNER offers surge protectors with a quarter wavelength stub featuring low reflection and excellent protection properties, as well as very compact design. Surge protectors become increasingly important against overvoltage in coaxial transmission systems. It is mainly exposed antennas and masts of mobile communication base stations that are threatened by lightning damage.

Quarter wavelength stubs have proven to be very effective because they divert high currents to ground. Another advantage is the low residual pulse energy lead to the protected side. In addition to the well-known product range for the mobile communication networks GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS and WLAN, SPINNER can now offer a surge protector with a quarter wavelength stub for the Tetra network, too.

The well-designed combination of transformer elements allows us to cut the length of the stub, which would usually have to be about 20cm for the Tetra network frequencies, to one third. The resulting compact shape opens up possibilities of using the protector in locations where low weight is an advantage and where only limited installation space is available.

MNCS® - Mobile Network Combining System

Smartphones and tablets have triggered a boom on the mobile communications market. The need for area wide network coverage and large bandwidths is still increasing. Classic telephony and internet applications are being replaced by mobile devices. Use is at the same time increasingly shifting indoors and buildings must be equipped with their own antenna systems.

For in-building coverage, SPINNER has been offering solutions under the trademark MNCS® for the sharing of different networks, frequencies and bands. Complex multi-operator systems are our strength as well as components for signal distribution.


The SPINNER group is headquartered in Munich, and with production facilities in Germany, Hungary and China, we now have more than 1,100 employees worldwide.

Our subsidiaries and representatives are present in over 40 countries and provide our customers with an international network of support. Quality, flexibility and service have made the group internationally successful, especially in mobile communication and broadcasting.

The quality assurance (QA) system at SPINNER has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The results of our endeavours are documented in our DIN EN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

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