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SPINNER Adds CIB Combiners to Product Range

Monday, January 20, 2014 by SPINNER

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SPINNER has added the so-called 'CIB combiners' to its product range for mobile communication combining units.

These integrated CIB combiners consist of two four-cavity UL/DL filters with two hybrid couplers in one shared housing. This arrangement creates a combiner with a broadband input port and (defined by the internal filters) a narrow passband at the second input. This type of combiner is especially suited for frequency constellations where a relatively narrow signal has to be combined together with a very broad signal through a low bandgap. One example is the typical 10-3-20 MHz constellation (10MHz bandwidth operator 1, 3MHz bandgap, 20MHz bandwidth operator 2) which can only be unsatifsfyingly handled with previous multiplexers.

Furthermore, the CIB combiner is especially well-suited for the combination of a signal of a certain frequency with another signal, which includes parts above or below its own frequency range.

A typical application is the addition of a third supplier to an already pre-combined signal from a multiplexer. This is a cost-effective alternative to a three-node multiplexer for which the production and tuning is very complex. With it the new CIB combiners are additional expandable and cascadable.

The UL/DL filters do not only properly isolate transmitted signals but also received signals.