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SPINNER Duplexers Simplify LTE Troubleshooting

Thursday, July 03, 2014 by SPINNER

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SPINNER Duplexers are making work much easier for mobile communication service technicians. The new Duplexer units for LTE and GSM/UMTS are small and light. They work at multiple frequencies and can also be used at dizzy heights to take accurate measurements.

Identifying interfering signals and checking signal reception of a mobile communication cell are part of the day-to-day work of mobile communication service technicians. Broadband measuring technology and filter technology are used to switch the reception or transmission channel to the measuring device.

In the past, measurements could be taken directly at the base stations on the ground, but LTE is changing the architecture of mobile communication networks and classic base stations are being replaced by remote radio units (RRU). RRUs do not have integrated test ports anymore, meaning measurements must be taken directly from the antenna. Due to their heavy weight, classic Duplexers are not suitable for use on a mast or transmission tower. Further, they typically only work in one mobile communication band as well.

The new SPINNER Duplexers are considerably smaller and weigh approx. 80% less than comparable conventional products. They also contain filter technology for three mobile communication bands in one device. It is now considerably easier for service technicians to perform work on antennae, which in turn saves costs.

SPINNER Duplexer are available for LTE and GSM/UMTS frequency bands. SPINNER also offers a case with measuring equipment, which has space to store the two Duplexers as well.