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SPINNER Creates EasyDock Automated Test

Monday, January 27, 2014 by SPINNER

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At SPINNER developers and customers have traditionally been connected by the shortest possible channels, and it was a customer's request that led to the development of the SPINNER EasyDock.

From now on, all SPINNER customers will benefit from this development. The aim was to automate quality tests and measurements of RF products in order to carry them out faster and therefore reduce costs without sacrificing the quality or precision of the measurement. Conventional push-pull mechanisms are designed for manual feeding of the measurement adaptor to the test device, which means that they are not suitable for automated movement processes since there is no guarantee that the positioning of the test device to the adaptor will always be 100% correct. A certain amount of tolerance cannot be avoided and the measurement adaptor has to reliably compensate for this.

These requirements are met by the entirely newly developed SPINNER EasyDock. The SPINNER EasyDock is a spring-mounted measurement adaptor that guarantees perfect contact and reliable operation even when the axes of the test device and the adaptor are not perfectly aligned. The precision of the measurement process is totally unaffected by mechanical tolerances.

The SPINNER EasyDock tolerates deviations in all planes and directions. The plug itself is flexibly spring-mounted. The conical intake ensures that the adaptor and the test device slide together reliably even if they are not centred and aligned. Moreover, they do not have to meet each other at a right angle since the adaptor can also compensate for tilt. Besides, the spring-loaded mounting evens out variances in distance. The adaptor can be mounted on a front panel or housing.

The SPINNER EasyDock automates the process of approaching the test device and therefore not only speeds up the measuring process but also ensures the kind of excellent measurement results SPINNER customers are used from our other products.

The SPINNER EasyDock can be ordered from January 2014 onwards and is available for a variety of connectors: 7-16, 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5 and N. Other connectors can be sourced on request.