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SpinnerFlex Flexible Jumpers Build on Strong Predecessors

Monday, October 28, 2013 by SPINNER

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With its new SpinnerFlex® TopFit jumpers SPINNER presents the latest generation of its well-known jumpers for mobile communications. Compared with the previous generation, which was already renowned for its excellent quality, SpinnerFlex TopFit jumpers raise the bar again by ensuring excellent technical performance, which is additionally guaranteed throughout the whole range of connector types.

In the past, the excellent electrical performance of SPINNER jumpers had already set the benchmark in RF technology. But although the right-angle connectors were very good as well, they were never quite on par with the straight plugs. The SpinnerFlex TopFit jumpers have put an end to such performance differences, with a recently developed, patented bending and moulding process for right-angle connectors guaranteeing the same excellent performance for every connector type.

In addition to this, additional manufacturing capacities have been created in the plant in Germany. Customized jumpers can simplify the installation process and their outstanding quality can also reduce OPEX for the customers. "SPINNER is known for its flexibility in delivering customized jumpers that help to save installation costs and ensure the highest quality during the entire installation process," says Peter Böhmer, managing director of SPINNER Lauenstein. "We saw an increasing demand for LF jumpers and have adapted the manufacturing capacity to accommodate the new SpinnerFlex TopFit jumper line."

The new 'low loss flexible' (LF) SpinnerFlex TopFit jumpers will be shipped from November 2013 onwards. During 2014, production of 'super flexible' (SF) jumpers to the same extremely high quality standards will start as well.