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SpinnerFlex® Topfit – Name is Programme

Thursday, July 24, 2014 by SPINNER

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Quality has never been compromised at SPINNER, and the company's new SpinnerFlex® TopFit jumpers are further proof of superb SPINNER products supporting the massive LTE rollouts worldwide. We are always working on improving our products, and with the introduction of LTE the quality requirements became even more crucial (see PIM article in SPOTLIGHT I/2014). Since the end of 2013 we've been introducing a new manufacturing technique for LF 1/2in jumpers, making the already excellent jumpers even better. And in early summer 2014, the same manufacturing technology has been introduced for SF 1/2in jumpers. The new manufacturing line (especially the new bending and molding process) improves the SpinnerFlex® TopFit even more, increasing SPINNER's technical lead in the market. In the end our customer's benefit is reducing their cost of ownership with top quality, top performance and highest possible reliability.

Wireless Infrastructure Canada at Alliance Corporation nice-president Boyd Cowan said, Alliance Corporation "SPINNER has been delivering jumpers to Alliance for years with top rated quality and they are known for their premium products.

"Our customers rely on this performance and we never have been dissatisfied nor have we had a single jumper being returned to us."

LTE rollouts have just started in many countries, and we've prepared ourselves to support these LTE rollouts with best possible RF products. In the end one thing is clear; we rely on our customer's success.