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The Global Electronics Forum (GEF) provides opportunities to develop lasting relationships, create new business partnerships and meet with key decision makers within the electronics manufacturing industry.

GEF offers unique one-to-one business meetings with C-level executives from top electronics manufacturers across a range of key sectors, including consumer electronics, telecommunications (both handset and infrastructure), automotive and medical.

Influential delegates

The most important buyer delegates are selected and contacted personally, with the Arena International Events team ensuring that they are central to strategic procurement decisions. In addition, an assessment of their business objectives and needs is compiled.

You will be able to hold in-depth discussions, with innovative suppliers that can provide solutions to your problems, as well as having the chance to meet and discuss key business issues with your peers. This is all supported by a series of seminars and discussion panels to provide intelligent insight into the future of the global electronics market.

Pre-arranged business meetings

GEF is an opportunity to be involved in an intensive series of pre-arranged meetings with decision-makers from the world's leading electronics manufacturers.

There are 20 meeting slots available, each lasting for 30 minutes, over the three main days of the event. For our suppliers we allocate a set number of meetings, which usually comes as a guaranteed package of either five or ten meetings over the three summit days.

Prior to the forum, all businesses registered to attend the event are provided with a full buyer / supplier participation list and a company profile that outlines key objectives and the main areas of interest. Both delegates and supplier companies are asked to grade in order of preference those companies that they wish to meet; subsequently, a meetings programme is issued based upon matching criteria and requests.

GEF will enable supplier partners to uncover new business opportunities, form new relationships and undertake major joint collaborations, as well as understand their existing customers better.

Consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive and medical interests

Attending delegates at GEF are generally interested and involved in products and services in the following areas:

  • Semiconductor / chipset solutions
  • Passive components
  • Active components
  • Embedded systems
  • Display technology
  • Sensor / haptic technology
  • Electronic design
  • Power supply / management
  • Contract manufacturing / EMS
  • Software
  • Electromechanical systems
  • Supply chain PLM / business management / consultancy

State-of-the-art technology

End-user electronics manufacturers are under constant pressure to have the correct technology at their disposal to maintain leading and profitable products. The industry, by nature, is constantly changing and for key executives it can be expensive to keep up-to-date.

Global Electronics Forum has been designed to fulfil this need. The forum brings together leading technology executives from around the world. Rarely does such a group converge, with representatives from PC, telecoms, consumer electronics, medical, industrial and automotive end-user manufacturers.

GEF provides an intensive three days of industry discussion and learning amongst leading technology executives. There is the opportunity to discuss major issues affecting your business with your peers, through extensive networking and face-to-face meetings.

Who should attend GEF?

Participation is beneficial to all C-level executives interested in developing their activities in the international market through peer networking. Company representatives can discuss strategic developments, present their potential as partners and arrange inter-company collaborations. GEF provides a unique setting to hear from the key industry players, develop relationships with innovative solution providers and discuss industry-wide initiatives.

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Kelly Teh - Forum Manager
Arena International Events
John Carpenter House John Carpenter Street
United Kingdom
+44 20 7936 6930

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