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Eurotech - GSM Gateways: PRI E1 GSM, VOIP to GSM SIM Server, and BRI ISDN

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Eurotech Communication Ltd offers SOLUTIONS for the following areas.


Eurotech offer Voip solutions including origination, termination, corporate, SMB, SOHO, and a full range of flexible equipment of Voip to all cellular GSM/CDMA/UMTS /iDEN with a range of Voip products, 2ch, 4ch, 8ch, 8-16ch, 24ch and 32 ch units.

All the Voip units are SIP/(H323) client / server and can therefore be utilized as either a stand-alone gateway or as part of a sim server system.

The Voip and sim server system minimizes investment cost and reducing the overall cost of local and international calls with innovative human behaviour.

All units can utilize the additional software programme for BULK SMS that enables sending until 500 sms messages per port via most email servers i.e Microsoft outlook 2007, outlook express, thunderbird etc.


Eurotech offers one-line ISDN BRI (basic rate interface) solutions featuring two channels GSM Gateway /four sims per channel.

  • This gateway completely bypasses the local landline telephone company, and the associated charges
  • Connected to BRI module via a phone Switching unit (most commonly a PBX type switch)
  • The BRI is programmable, so the user can easily configure through the most economical SIM card and carrier
  • The SIM contains information such as the preferred GSM network, phone number, verification ID, and billing information. DISA (Direct Inward System Access)/ (DELA)
  • Powerful least cost router (LCR) may be programmed to route calls accordingly to prefixes (for all 8 sims), timetable, and number of calls
  • The unit utilizes CDR signalling for billing; twelve field downloads to files in the following formats: Excel™, CSV™, Access™

PRI 32 channels/ 32 sims or 32 channels/ 128 sim’s, GSM/CDMA/UMTS

  • 30 simultaneous calls, all the time (E1)
  • Two channels for immediate take-over of calls, while end of call regenerates
  • Heavy duty traffic, till 1,000,000 minutes calls/month and more
  • Compatible with voip switchbox I.e. Quintum, Cicso, Asterisk, Siemens and others
  • Hot-swappable ports
  • Sim-swapping, by time limit or by time table
  • Auto recharge SIM balance, USSD, IVR, DISA(DELA)
  • Top up everyday
  • Balance renewal by addition and refill
  • Disconnected call
  • And more............

FCT (fixed cellular terminal)

Single channel/ 1 sim GSM or CDMA:

  • The PERFECT solution for small offices or home office (SOHO) PSTN to Cellular, with an RJ-45 cable
  • The single channel Gateway is a smart gateway that enables call routing through a predefined terminal using tested Least Cost Routing software
  • Reduce your operator to operator service fees dramatically

Two channels/ four sims per channel GSM version only:

  • Two simultaneous calls to any two cellular operators
  • Intelligent LCR Least Cost Routing with up to four cellular networks
  • LCR by prefix, timetable, day, hours to call, number of calls

Follow-me router/ 1 or 2 sims GSM version only with data and SMS:

A smart gateway that enables call routing through LCR - least cost routing method. The follow me also has Call Back where a subscriber can call the router via any phone. On hearing a ringing tone, the subscriber simply hangs up and awaits the call back.

On receiving this, usually within a few seconds, the customer answers the phone, receives a dial tone and dials the required number. This enables the caller to save the calls cost.

  • Perfect for people out of the office.(taxi drivers, sales people)
  • All calls can be forwarded through to a predefined phone so you never miss a call

Fax/ 1 sim GSM or CDMA

  • A mobile solution for vehicle, holiday cabin, oil rig and areas that have no infrastructure
  • As long as the cellular operator has the fax coverage
  • It allows a ‘paper’ fax input at point A to be transmitted, and received at point B where a traditional ‘paper’ fax is printed
  • The unit also serves as a standard Fixed Cellular Terminal (Gateway) allowing for substantial reduction in calls both to and from the Analog cellular network resulting in sizeable cost saving

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