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Eurotech Communication Ltd to be launched in 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010 by Eurotech

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Our all in one IP PBX features:

  • 4 simultaneous cellular channels
  • 4 GSM interface or intermix , 2GSM +2 CDMA or 2 CDMA +2 UMTS

An integrated solution giving full connectivity for SOHO, SME, and Corporate.

A business gateway including IP PBX/ gateway, Wi-Fi, voice and data over all cellular networks.

In a single environment of IP this unit offers transfer of voice, data to all cellular, via VoIP, PSTN, and Wi-Fi.

Full Asterisk compatibility iDEN- for push to talk walkie-talkie through VoIP to all cellular GSM/CDMA/UMTS.

Benefits include:

  • Cost wise and innovative equipment for your office
  • Caters from 2-60 persons and more
  • Immediate access via combined IP PBX/Gateway through IP and wireless to cellular networks via one device
  • Enjoy the features of an Enterprise class even in your small office