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CommScope has played a role in virtually all the world's best communication networks. It creates the infrastructure that supports networks for the business of life at home, at work, and on the go. CommScope's portfolio of end-to-end solutions includes everything its customers need to build high-performing wired and wireless networks. The company's objectives are to help its customers create, innovate, design, and build faster and better communications networks.

On the go wireless communication solutions

People want to connect anywhere, anytime and everywhere all the time, including residents of some countries who are enjoying access to wireless communication for the first time. CommScope's solutions span the entire RF landscape, helping wireless carriers manage increasing cell site complexity and optimize network planning, capacity, coverage and performance. Examples of CommScope's industry leading solutions for the wireless market include LTE deployment support, in-building coverage systems, location systems and remote cell site control and monitoring.

Supporting LTE deployments

Recognized worldwide for complete end-to-end solutions, CommScope combines innovative technologies and premier brands with more than 70 years experience in RF solutions through its Andrew Solutions heritage. It sets the standard with best-in-class PIM results, integrating proven multi-frequency technology into its designs, superior RF pattern performance, and electrical tilt management capability. Low-profile design for easy zoning approvals are a feature of CommScope’s antenna technology.

CommScope has a scalable and future-proofed portfolio of solutions. Its optical and off-air repeaters for indoor and outdoor coverage are “LTE Ready” today and offer a fast, easy and cost effective migration path to upgrading wireless networks to meet LTE requirements. The company can help reduce the cost of LTE deployments through its global footprint of facilities for regional production, distribution and delivery, easy deployment, and ensuring seamless integration into existing networks. CommScope also has significant capability to design new products and quickly ramp up into full-scale production volume.

In-building solutions

CommScope offers a complete Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which takes a donor feed from a macro cell via a repeater or a dedicated Base Transceiver Station, and then distributes it over fibre and/or coaxial cables throughout the building. A dedicated radio base station connected to a DAS ensures both dedicated coverage and capacity, confines the signals, prevents signal spillage and interference and thus enhances the quality for both voice and data services. CommScope’s end-to-end In-Building Solutions bring together all of the company’s RF products to support system integrators, enterprise managers, and wireless carriers.

Location systems

Each day, over 2,500 location-based mobile applications generate hundreds of millions of location requests. For an operator the ability to satisfy location requests, regardless of form or type, is a necessity – one that has spawned a business opportunity expected to top $13 billion by 2013. CommScope’s GeoLENs® portfolio of products makes a network-based solution possible. Working in concert with the underlying network’s infrastructure, GeoLENs coordinates the functioning and capabilities of all location components within and external to the network – mobile devices, LMUs, network-based location servers, internet-based applications, emergency calls, etc. – and ensures that all customers are location-enabled.

Through its GeoLENs Indoor location solution CommScope can also make it easier for emergency services personnel to locate mobile phone users inside large buildings, potentially saving lives and reducing risk of harm to rescuers. The platform also offers improved accuracy for callers inside buildings, as well as giving operators and building owners the capability for commercial applications including mobile advertising and social networking applications, among others.

Remote monitoring and maintenance

By routinely monitoring cell site network performance, CommScope’s OneBase InSite® products help operators prevent minor problems from turning into major disruptions, saving them money by avoiding costly dispatches of emergency repair crews and helping maintain customer satisfaction. Operators cannot afford to have a site go down due to power loss, failing equipment or other concerns; OneBase InSite is the smarter, easier way to track cell site performance regularly. The OneBase InSite product line is comprised of two components: the InSite RF Diagnostic Unit and the InSite Connect System which includes a central management system (CMS) and remote controller unit (RCU).

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