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New Node-C CDMA2000 Enhancers - Bring Base Station Capability to Rural and Urban Areas at Lower Cost

Monday, March 22, 2004 by CommScope

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First Intelligent Cell Enhancers for CDMA2000 at 800MHz and 1,900MHz

Orland Park, Illinois... 22 March 2004. Andrew Corporation introduces Node-C37 and Node-C43 RF enhancers, the first intelligent cell enhancers that optimize cost, coverage, and quality during the initial or any subsequent phase of a CDMA network rollout. Node-C enhancers can be deployed in both rural and urban areas and can reduce both OPEX and CAPEX.

Andrew’s Node-C37 and Node-C43 are primary network elements that offer 5 W and 20 W of composite downlink output power, respectively, and are capable of enhancing all channels in up to 15MHz of contiguous spectrum. The units are set up, monitored, and changed locally or remotely through a standard browser via an embedded Web-based HTTP server. A second protocol, SNMP, has been implemented for OMC (operations and maintenance center) connectivity to either Andrew’s or any third-party solution.

The Node product line’s key technological breakthroughs include an embedded interference canceller capable of greater than 35dB of enhancement across a 15MHz block, which removes the possibility of oscillation, increases the available downlink output power, and makes planning possible. In addition, the unit has an integrated measurement receiver, which provides RSSI (received signal strength indication) and pilot-based antenna tuning (donor) and quality measurement statistics. Finally, an automatic set up feature (the Wizard) provides simple click-and-point set up with guaranteed results.

“The easy-to-use Node-C goes far beyond a simple enhancement device. Its feature set and design are much like a base station without the backhaul costs. It can reduce both CAPEX and OPEX in both urban and rural areas", said Morgan Kurk, Vice President, Research and Development, Wireless Innovations Group, Andrew Corporation. “Andrew’s Node-C units can be planned using standard outdoor planning tools and will deliver more than ten years of service under virtually any conditions.”

The Node-C37 and Node-C43 units increase signal strength between a mobile and a base station and can play an important role in enhancing both voice and high speed data coverage in a CDMA2000 network.

Aside from a laptop computer, no other equipment is required to set up or optimize a Node-C. Units are sealed from the outside environment and are virtually maintenance-free.