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Memotec's mission is to deliver access solutions that maximize transport network efficiencies, lower costs and support the integrity of both legacy and next-generation applications and technologies.

With an installed base of more than 100,000 products in nearly 100 countries to date, Memotec has industry-leading expertise in the optimization of high cost or bandwidth-limited voice and data telecommunications and enterprise networks anywhere in the world.

Memotec's flagship product-the CX gateway-enables GSM operators to dramatically reduce network operating expenses by cutting transmission costs, both at the access (BTS/Abis interface) and network core (MSC-BSC A/E interfaces). With hundreds of cellular sites deployed and operational across both satellite and terrestrial transport networks in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim, Memotec's solutions are proven globally.

Leveraging the satellite modem expertise of parent company Comtech EF Data, Memotec offers new solution paradigms for satellite backhaul applications, resulting in unprecedented low operating costs enabling for profitable deployment of mobile GSM voice and data services in rural, low density or geographically challenged areas.

Our solutions

CX-U Series

Memotec’s CX-U Series is a dedicated cellular backhaul platform delivering Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization, and A/E voice trunks compression. The CX-U reduces the bandwidth required to backhaul cellular traffic, therefore avoiding costly forklift network upgrades. The result is a significant reduction in operating and capital expenses.

CX-UA: Support Your Growth

As voice revenues decline for incumbent telephony operators, reducing network-operating costs (OPEX) becomes a key issue to maintain profitability. The superior performance of Memotec's CX-UA DCME solution helps telephony operators reduce their transmission operating costs.

Now a new generation of DCME voice compression system is available, providing significantly better performances:

  • Increased compression ratio, with a better voice quality
  • Lower cost and reduced footprint
  • Data handling and migration capability to NGN soft switch model. Dedicated Cellular Backhaul Platform for Optimization and Compression

AccessGate - Delivering 3G and HSPA Services NOW!

Memotec AcessGate™ is an award-winning dedicated cellular backhaul platform delivering 2G/3G RAN optimisation. It enables mobile operators to quickly deploy 3G and HSPA over their existing network, and rapidly reduce operating costs while enabling for a rapid expansion and migration of mobile wireless networks. AccessGate addresses numerous business and technical challenges in their GSM networks, while setting the stage for a smooth transition to 2G/3G converged networks, as well as the adoption of IP-based RAN backhaul.

Seamless migration to all-IP RAN infrastructure

Supporting TDM, ATM-IMA, Ethernet, Pseudowire and IP/MPLS, CX-UA offers a seamless migration to an all-IP RAN infrastructure and the ability to use new broadband access transmission technologies.

Alleviating the restrictions of spectrum allocation

The CX-UA plays a key role where spectrum allocation restrictions do not allow further bandwidth acquisition. A better bandwidth compression management allows you to compress and optimize the information that flows through your network allowing for creating more room for new subscribers and accommodates more traffic.


Digital congerved network for enterprises

NetPerformer® voice and data routers combine the functionality of a data router and a voice gateway in a single device, enabling enterprises to create digitally converged networks.

Air traffic control

Based on Memotec's proven NetPerformer™ platform and airLINX makes better use of VSAT links than any traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) technologies — without sacrificing quality of service.

Worldwide offices

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Memotec has offices around the world. By continuing to provide high quality, scalable solutions tailored to meet our customers' evolving needs, Memotec is poised to continue its leading role as an innovator in the evolving network optimization marketplace.

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