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KEYMILE Appoints Lothar Schwemm as New CEO

Thursday, February 08, 2018 by KEYMILE

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Leading supplier of telecommunications systems for broadband access KEYMILE has appointed its CTO Lothar Schwemm as CEO.

Lothar Schwemm has been KEYMILE's new CEO since 1 February. He started work at the company as CTO on 1 October 2017. Before joining KEYMILE, Lothar Schwemm spearheaded the sales and technology department of FRIWO AG, a company listed on the stock exchange and an international manufacturer of charging devices, power packs and power supply units.

He previously held various executive positions at Nokia, with the last of these as vice-president in charge of global product management for mobile telephony base stations.

Lothar Schwemm has taken over from the previous CEO Rolf Unterberger who has left the company following the successful sale of KEYMILE's mission-critical communications networks portfolio to ABB. KEYMILE is now focusing exclusively on broadband systems.

The portfolio covers solutions for all types of FTTx network architectures: based on copper with VDSL/vectoring/ technology and on optical fibre for active and passive optical fibre networks.

Customers regard KEYMILE as a trustworthy partner that stands apart due to its flexibility in implementing customised requirements and ability to listen to what customers want. The company has its own research, development and production facilities in Germany. It is now concentrating fully on the broadband sector and is working on specifically expanding its product portfolio.

"Lots of network operators worldwide rely on KEYMILE to offer professional support and solutions. We're in an excellent position to do so thanks to our comprehensive product range," comments Lothar Schwemm.

"We are known for our technical skill set and efficient processes and can give network operators ideal support in launching future-proof broadband solutions."