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Data management systems are a fundamental component of mobile networks' functionality, but implementing solutions that are cost-effective and future-proofed isn't easy. Global Telecoms Insight speaks to Arjen van Trigt about how Tulinx's innovative and carefully tailored IT solutions can optimise the way mobile operators handle and process their data.

What is it that Tulinx aims to achieve in the telecoms industry?
Arjen van Trigt:
We established the company in 2010 with the conviction that we could be one of the few businesses that fully integrates in-house intelligence into our framework solution.

Today, we still see a lot of in-house-developed strategies developed at telecoms operators because these applied solutions are not available on the market. My primary responsibility is managing all marketing and sales activities for Tulinx; as co-founder of the company and global sales director, I am in direct contact with numerous operators and companies that we team up with to understand their challenges and provide suitable IT packages for service performance management, monitoring and reporting.

How has the current Tulinx portfolio been developed?
It is vital to understand the needs of a customer before even proposing any form of solution to them; it's pointless to try to sell something that will not subsequently be used to its full potential.

We have a long-established business relationship with our customers and are continually expanding it; they know what they'll get with Tulinx because we are able to demonstrate that we understand their business and can translate their requirements into smart IT solutions.

How does the company develop these custom IT solutions?
The main challenge we face is in ensuring we provide our customers with exceptionally powerful, intelligent and professional solutions capable of handling all network data, and can implement this in a very fast turnaround. As Tulinx is still an up-and-coming company, we need to impress clients and guarantee we can supply what they need. Already, through trials and pilot projects, we have been capable of proving our added value within weeks.

For custom client packages, one of the challenges is trying to arrive at an even better solution than the customer expects. For example, if vendor independency is required, we propose a package that is expandable for future developments, providing an even more cost-effective solution than expected.

How are big-data solutions becoming incorporated into Tulinx's operations?
Big data within the telecoms industry is a popular subject at the moment, and since Tulinx already makes use of a variety of data sources in high volumes, you can say that we have big-data solutions. However, truly successful big data is not about volume or variety but about the potential you can get out of your gathered information. Tulinx is currently involved in a big-data project that is fairly revolutionary within the telecoms industry, and we are developing our own big-data solution based on structured data sources for real-time online processing, analytics and monitoring.

What else sets Tulinx apart from its competitors?
Typically, we have two different types of competitors: large companies that claim to have the best off-the-shelf performance management systems, and engineers at telecoms companies who develop applied in-house modules for their own use.

Tulinx is capable of collecting any network data in a uniform format, allowing our customers to analyse and correlate all performance records across the network. Our own front-end solutions are developed in collaboration with telecoms engineers and specialists, ensuring we produce a tool that fits completely to their demands. We have developed numerous algorithms and analytics scripts to automate maximum efficiency of the network and so optimise operational costs.

What future developments are in the pipeline at Tulinx?
Tulinx is constantly improving its portfolio. Some new features we recently implemented are KPIs for VoLTE: new trigger scripts for advanced analytics to quickly identify more precise performance issues and a designer screen for service-quality management. Another endeavour planned for the future is a new-generation front-end business intelligence solution for our existing data warehouse, as a better alternative to traditional performance management systems.




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