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Accelleran develops software that enables the next generation of mobile broadband infrastructure; small cells. Accelleran squarely addresses the real-world challenges of volume deployment of small cells with its carrier-grade, flexible and highly upgradeable turnkey solutions. We offer our customers a solid, dependable and future-proof system solution, backed by the support of our unparalleled expertise.

The drivers for small cell deployments

442 commercial 4G LTE networks are already active in 147 countries (GSMA November 15). The penetration of 4G smartphones and digital devices is ramping, driven by exponentially increasing demand for data services - especially video. Traditional tower-mounted infrastructure must be augmented with "small cells" to serve this demand cost-effectively. The mobile industry is entering a 'disruptive moment'.

Accelleran's unique development approach

The Accelleran team are industry veterans with hundreds of man years of experience between them in the telecom and wireless industry. Together with our manufacturing partners, we take a unique approach to small cell engineering to deliver small cell solutions for all sectors of the market - from mass-volume indoor solutions to outdoor metro-class base stations suitable for rural access needs.

Central to our approach is a determination to raise the industry bar for software quality by several notches. We believe that small cells will only deploy in massive numbers when vendors deliver levels of reliability which genuinely approach five 9's performance.

Small cells form an integral part of a mobile operator's network and as such represent a business-critical asset, deployed alongside macrocells. Macrocells are normally based on carrier-grade, high-availability platforms with a combination of HW/SW redundancy schemes to reach 99.999% availability. In order to minimise the TCO the small cell platforms cannot benefit from HW redundancy. In our experience, however, the system reliability of complex telecommunications systems is normally limited by software reliability, rather than hardware reliability. Too often, hardware redundancy has been used as a means of hiding significant failings in software reliability. Carrier-grade small cells can be cost-effectively engineered to provide in-service lifetimes of ten years or greater, but this has to be matched with software solutions that deliver MTBFs, which are also measured in years, not days.

We believe that the small cell industry needs to raise its game significantly in terms of development standards and practices in order to meet the needs of the customer, and indeed the failure to do so in the past has been a significant brake on commercial success. Our approach to delivering software quality delivers game-changing technology. We do this by adopting strict system development and test techniques. Every line of code in Accelleran products passes stringent requirements normally applied to software used in safety-critical embedded devices such as medical implants and automotive braking systems.
Reducing Small Cell total cost of ownership (TCO)

A key aspect of addressing operator TCO is the adoption of a portable, lightweight and flexible architecture. Accelleran code is:

  • extremely efficient, thanks to its ability to scale using lightweight threading techniques
  • silicon, operating system and stack independent
  • highly extensible and virtualisable.

A customer can invest once in small cell integration into their network and deploy the same software on multiple hardware platforms - Accelleran's own or those supplied by third parties. This portability delivers the flexibility to work with specialist product design partners to support best-of-breed platforms from multiple suppliers.

Accelleran - The trusted partner for 21st century networks

We like to think that Accelleran is enabling a disaggregating the supply chain - offering the end customers the flexibility to select hardware solutions independently from the software that runs on them. Think of Accelleran as the Androidâ„¢ of the small cell world - a trusted partner for the networks of the 21st Century.

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