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Telecoms companies across the sector are struggling to match their desire for a positive relationship with their customer base with the capabilities of their back-end software. Global Telecoms Insight talks to Eduardo Silva, associate European vice-president at Intense Technologies, about how the company's UniServe platform rationalises internal processes to ensure firms can fully meet the expectations of those who use their services.

As a company grows in size, the quality of communication between its constituent parts inevitably deteriorates. Insofar as they are granted a necessary level of autonomy to pursue their specific goals, individual departments often acquire IT systems and maintain databases best suited to their working practices. Consequentially, information ceases to be shared to best effect, and the ties between the company and its customers begin to fray.

According to Eduardo Silva, associate vice-president for European operations at IT solutions company Intense Technologies, this is not an inevitable process. In fact, the reverse is perfectly attainable for its clients in the telecoms sector.

"We take the position that availability of data is vital in ensuring companies have a great interaction with their customers," he explains. "What we do is help our customers unify their back-end systems to make this possible, and bring in certified partners to try to address the organisational and processional aspects of that change."

Intense Technologies achieves this by sitting its UniServe platform atop the client's own back-end software systems to cohere all ongoing and live customer interactions that they maintain with their clients. However, instead of diving deep into the client's IT systems with a view to overhauling them completely, the platform federates the data.

"We're using the same concept that is being implemented aggressively by Google, Amazon and Facebook," says Silva. "It allows our clients the opportunity to accelerate the integration services from companies they've newly acquired or initiate new offerings quickly. Within that, we can offer data optimisation services, allowing our clients to easily establish new workflows or rules for customers with room for experimentation."

The federation game
Federating the client's data also allows Intense Technologies to offer comprehensive software solutions in a matter of months, rather than the years-long process that is typical across the industry.

"We do not seek to replicate the huge complexities of a telecoms company's back-end software systems in house," says Silva. "We seek to virtualise it, and then to manipulate it once it's at that state. That way, we can implement our systems within six months - something we've done repeatedly in the European sector."

This approach also provides a high degree of scalability in a client's internal systems. "We focus on building a solution that has network effects," Silva says. "You have to ensure that whatever you put in there is actually something that can build upon itself and, slowly but surely, compound the value you want to see produced."

All needs UniServed
Once this process is complete, UniServe can facilitate a range of services that break down the barriers in communication between the client and their customer base, and in so doing, significantly boost productivity across the board.

"We can provide software solutions that cover the on-boarding processes of new clients and the management of communications with those clients at different stages, as well as B2B relationships that those clients may hold with other enterprises," Silva explains. "That regulates the complexity of those relationships across different parts of their life cycle.

"It also looks at the services that you are offering to them and illustrates the impact that those services may have when there is an outage or plant maintenance activity that you are going to have in your network."

Intense Technologies is confident that the comprehensive nature of the UniServe solution will allow the company to attain thought leadership within the sector and beyond. "We want to deepen our industry-specific knowledge, not only within telecommunications but also in order to expand into areas like banking, finance and utilities," says Silva.

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