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Ramboll is the leading Nordic consulting company with over 9,000 experts. Besides offering a broad spectrum of consultancy services we have comprehensive expertise and experience within telecommunication projects. We offer a wide range of services for telecommunications operators and vendors. Our expertise includes the implementation of cellular networks as well as analysis, design and supply of masts and towers.

Towers, masts and monopoles

For over 60 years Ramboll has been deeply involved in telecommunication infrastructure in a wide range of countries. In the beginning, our services primarily included planning, detailed analysis and design, tender evaluation, inspection during fabrication, supervision of installation and erection, construction management, maintenance and inspection of the finished structures.

Throughout the last two decades we have, with great success, designed a series of towers for mobile networks in many different countries. These towers are optimised specifically for the individual country and their actual use. Recently, on request from our clients, we expanded our services to include the supply of masts, towers and monopoles.

Masts and towers can be delivered as standard structures as well as being tailor-made to your requirements. Tailor-made towers are most cost effective when a large number of towers are needed or the loading of the structure is severe. Standard towers are ideal when only a few towers are required.

Network rollout management

Often the establishment of a new national network or extensions of existing networks for mobile communications must run to a strict deadline. Ramboll has extensive experience in creating efficient project organisation for the rollout of cellular networks within a narrow time frame. Furthermore, we offer a series of project management services to our clients, supporting and strengthening the implementation, supervision and control of the entire project through all stages.

Site acquisition and site design

Localisation is an important issue to Ramboll. For many years Ramboll has been successfully involved in site acquisition for a large number of different mobile network operators. Beginning with the site acquisition we are often automatically involved in the next step concerning building permits and site design. As for the site acquisition it is important to understand the local conditions and traditions.

The site design must take into account national standards, codes of practice, skills of local subcontractors and availability of products on the local market to ensure that sites are designed and built in the most suitable way.

Civil works implementation

Ramboll Telecom has developed a series of standard solutions for supporting antennas with a simple and functional design, facilitating quick and rational production and installation. Design of special solutions may be necessary, for example, if the landowner or the authorities require a total or partial camouflage of the antennas. Ramboll has contributed to the development of new ways of mounting antennas where it would usually have been impossible to obtain authorisation.

Turnkey rollout solutions

Ramboll also offers customers turnkey solutions. Our turnkey solutions are based on our experience within project management, site acquisition, civil works and telecom installation acquired over the last 20 years through the rollout of thousands of sites. Our turnkey solutions are supported when relevant by our rollout management database RamSite?.

Ramsite 2.0?

RamSite 2.0? is the second generation web based application developed by Ramboll to support the rollout, operation and maintenance of telecommunication networks. The core of RamSite 2.0? is project management, understood as planning and follow-up on progress. Around this core are a number of other modules. The modules are:

  • Diverse project management
  • Progress management
  • Equipment management
  • Radio and transmission
  • Document management
  • Quality management
  • Order management and financials
  • GIS integrated mapping

Being accessible through the internet RamSite2.0™ is easily used by telecommunication operator staff as well as the contractors and other parties involved.

Global operations

Ramboll Telecom has been working globally for several years. The countries where we have been involved include: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Romania, India, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Libya, Malawi, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Dubai and Australia.

Ramboll Telecom is part of the Ramboll Group and thus represented in a large number of countries.

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Teknikerbyen 31
DK-2830 Virum
Contact: John Philip Archibald (business and market development manager)
Contact: Ulrik Støttrup-Andersen (technical director)
+45 459 868 20
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