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China Mobile Communications Corporation WAP, China

Key Data

Openwave, a joint venture between Siemens, and, was chosen by China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC) as the main supplier to build out CMCC's WAP based mobile internet services in China.


CMCC is considered the primary telecommunication provider in China. The company is a state owned enterprise that provides mobile voice services, data services, IP telephony services and multimedia services. It claims a current customer base topping 66 million subscribers. The internet project went online during the first quarter of 2001.


China enjoys one of the most extensive markets for mobile communications in the world. Mobile users in China are expected to reach 100 million by 2005, and 300 million by 2010, a yearly increase of 40 million. By then, the country will have seen the most rapid growth in the development of mobile communications in the world. China's research group on mobile communications standards has joined forces with its international counterparts, and its participation may play an active role in helping boost the unification and harmonisation of the 3G mobile communication standard around the world.


Through Siemens Shanghai Mobile Communications (SSMC), Siemens will commence deployment of the backbone WAP gateway systems, with the capacity for about one million mobile internet subscribers in the Shanghai and Guangzhou provinces in China. The Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile) will provide the complete WAP solution using Openwave's WAP compatible UP LinkServer technology.


The Siemens/Openwave WAP solution allows applications such as accessing email and information-on-demand services, such as stock trading, stock charting, shopping, flight and train schedules, games and horoscopes. In addition, subscribers will have personal information management services like calendar functions and personal organisers. This scaleable WAP solution also provides future proof technology necessary for CMCC's fast growing customer base. The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) ready system will be tightly integrated in the operator's WAP back end infrastructure.

The UP Link Server technology that will be used is considered one of the Openwave's most notable products. The product consists of the UP link WAP gateway, the UP link WAP enhanced services and the UP administration interface. It enables wireless operators to deliver the internet to wireless handsets. The UP link server works with all WAP enabled devices to provide carriers with an unparalleled level of control, functionality, security and flexibility when offering wireless Internet services.

The latest version of the UP link server incorporates several gateway, security and administrative enhancements designed to enable application specific and shared billing. Moreover, it opens new opportunities for participation in m-commerce activities, provides streamlined service provisioning and improves the monitoring of network operations.

The foundation of the UP link server, the WAP gateway, provides the protocol translation and optimisation. This gateway is considered to be one of the most robust in the industry, allowing the carrier to support multiple airlink standards including CDMA, CDPD, GSM, IDEN, PDC, PHS and TDMA. Packet, circuit and SMS bearers are also supported.

The UP Link Server offers the advanced features of a content translator, push server, fax server, and identity server in the WAP Enhanced Services product. These services enable wireless enabled handsets to receive the broadest set of wireless applications possible via HTML, HDML and WML; alert subscribers with pertinent Web data anytime, anywhere; print documents using the nearest fax machine and store information such as bookmarks, home pages, cookies and other personal subscriber information.