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Altitude Telecom Wireless Broadband Network, France

Key Data

Ericsson and its local multipoint distribution services (LMDS) solution, known as Mini-Link Bas, has been selected by Altitude Telecom for the French operator's broadband wireless network, which is based in Normandy. Ericsson is the sole supplier for a complete, end-to-end LMDS broadband wireless access solution, including customer terminals and central radio nodes, as well as ATM equipment, IP routers and complete network planning, installation and commissioning. The technology is ongoing, and the developers will continue to improve the service to customers over time.


This contract is in line with Ericsson's solution strategy for multi-service broadband access, based on LMDS, xDSL, and IP/ATM technologies. The company has used this project to prove its strength in radio access, as well as to show its ability to effectively manage complex projects.

Altitude Telecom was awarded two wireless local loop (WLL) licenses in France last year to provide LMDS wireless broadband access in the 26GHz band in Haute and Basse Normandie. Deliveries are starting immediately for build-out of the new network in Rouen, Le Havre, Caen and Evreux.


LMDS is a technology for high-speed radio networks in which microwave transmission provides a high-speed connection to voice and internet services for small- and medium-sized businesses and multiple unit dwellings. Radio technology is thus employed to provide rapid and cost efficient broadband access to the fixed network.

Ericsson's LMDS solution, Mini-Link Bas, is a point-to-multipoint wireless broadband access system, addressing last-mile access requirements as a fast alternative to using a fibre cabling system.

Mini-Link Bas provides a fibre-like bandwidth, up to 37Mbit/second per sector on demand, combined with dedicated connections. The possibility to instantaneously allocate capacity means excellent support for spurty IP traffic and maximum utilisation within the available bandwidth. High end-users get a guaranteed dedicated capacity, customised to their needs, with the priority to access additional bandwidth if required.


The Mini-Link Bas system allows Altitude Telecom to offer new and unique types of services to the small-medium enterprise (SME) market. As an example, Altitude can, from one single radio connection, offer a service mix with leased lines and PBX interconnections combined with internet access, LAN interconnections and other advanced IP services with symmetrical connections. Enterprises can instantaneously have the connections set up, customised and optimised, with fixed and variable capacities allocated in real time according to their needs.

Ericsson's Mini-Link Bas system can be quickly and easily deployed, due to its highly integrated and industrialised design. This is backed by a high-volume production facility, which means Ericsson can deliver the necessary volumes on schedule. Installation and commissioning are also very simple and can be done quickly, with manual settings essentially eliminated. Therefore, the wireless system ultimately enables a short time-to-market and a quick response to new market conditions. Thus, a company can start up quickly and continue to build and add customers as they come online. New end users are typically connected within hours or days. With access to Ericsson's high-volume microwave deliveries as well as build-out support, the time to operation is short and guaranteed.


Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications tools. Altitude Telecom is a local loop operator that invests in broadband technologies to provide voice/data/image solutions - namely internet access, web hosting, security engineering solutions and network engineering - to its market.